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Helping to script your story

The two hardest parts of telling your story are (a) starting and (b) finishing.

Choosing where to start with your story can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be as there's no right or wrong place to start. Just start somewhere (the fact that you're here means you've taken the first step!)  You'll soon realise that you can build upon your stories. We hope you will go on to record many life stories.

There are lots of topics you might want to consider and we can help you explore them.

Strangely enough, once you've started scripting a story, the next big challenge is knowing when and how to finish. People often make the mistake of trying to script everything in one go.  You don't need to. Focus on keeping it short and simple.

We help with making your story interesting and engaging. If you don't have the confidence to write well, let us help you.  If you need a critical friend, let us review your work.  Often it is easy for people to recount facts, but Chronicle isn't so much an oral history company, but rather we about the feelings and emotions that make the story a reflection of yourself.  Key facts and dates are easy, but its the feelings and emotions that reflect who you are.

Chronicle has worked with many people to help script their stories so we are comfortable working with people of all ages.

If you'd like more information about scripting or simply want us to give you some tips or comments on your draft story ideas, please contact us as we'd love to help!

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