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Recording your story

The simplest way to record your stories is just to have a relaxed conversation with us.

If you're self-conscious about recording your voice, then you are not alone! But we generally find that once people start, this quickly disappears. We have techniques to help here too with a few tricks and tips you can use to relax.  It's worth it!

There are several methods to record your story.  These days many of us have smartphones, iPads or PCs that do a great job of recording audio (and even video).

Alternatively, requiring just an hour or so of your time, our one-on-one conversations are an ideal way to start capturing and preserving your reminiscences - particularly if you are not particularly enthusiastic about using technology yourself. The process involves one of our experienced story collectors visiting you to record your reminiscences from the comfort of your own home, or another appropriate location nearby.​  We will sit with you to talk about your story in a relaxed atmosphere, and use an iPad to capture your reminiscences.  If you have any images or other materials to support your story, we will carefully scan them.


All you need is an idea for your story and any related photos, cine film or other artifacts.

As well as recording, if you are looking to create a video story, you will also need to gather images that are relevant to your story.  Chronicle has links with several major archives so we can often help find images if you do not own any yourself.  Images can really help bring a story to life.  Of course, you'll probably want a picture of yourself too.

We can help you to record your story yourself or do it with you.  Similarly we can help with scanning photos and editing your story together if you need us to.

The end result should be a 2-5 minute audio or video.


Let's have a conversation!

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