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You are never too young, nor ever too old to start preserving your family stories. 
In future you'll be grateful you took the time to record your memories and to talk to your loved ones to preserve their memories too.
We encourage everyone to start.  It doesn't matter if you just begin by jotting a few notes down.
We want to help you take to create, record and preserve your most precious life stories and family memories.  Starting with simple scripting and progressing to creating short 2-3 minute audios and videos, we can help you make something you - and your family - will treasure.
Often the hardest part is just starting.
Starting can be a bit like physical exercise, we all know we should do it, but sometimes we need a bit of encouragement to get started.  We can help you take the first steps.  Whether you just want to write stories down and need a bit of advice, or if you want  to become a "pro-Chronicler" and record your own video stories, we can help.  We've worked with many people of all ages to record their stories - our oldest storyteller so far is 101.  Please contact us to ask how we can help you.

 Give the future a chance to hear your stories, feelings, and emotions.

Writing your stories down is a simple way to start, but we'd encourage you to record your stories  either as an audio or video.  It gives people the chance to hear your voice and experience the richness of your feelings and emotions more closely.  With modern devices, it isn't too complex and with our assistance you can be confident of creating something that will give joy to those around you.
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