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Capture and preserve your life stories and precious memories in your own voice.

Prepare for the future    |    Preserve your past     |    Create your legacy

Your life is unique - defined by precious moments.   It touches others.


Preserve your legacy

One day someone will want to know more about you.

One day someone will enjoy knowing your life stories, thoughts and emotions. 

One day you will enjoy being reminded of moments from your life.

One day someone will take comfort from hearing your voice.

Give the future your voice.  Let us help.

Start now as your memory will never be as good as it is today....



Simple     Convenient    Enjoyable

Create 'bite-sized' audio recordings overlaid with images and music (see examples below)

Chronicle Digital Storytelling


We help to record the audio for your story, scan images and to edit them to produce a short 2-4 minute video of your story.


We help you to choose a topic, script your story and identify support images to bring your story to life.

Start here!

Family History


We will help you to share your story with family, friends and your community (in line with your wishes). We can also help to preserve your story for the future.



Professionals with experience

We have  experience of working with people of all ages to collect their life stories. Our oldest participant so far has been 101.

We respect that your story is precious and we appreciate the act of sharing a story with us. In return we treat you and your story with respect and integrity.  We share the aim of preserving stories for an uncertain future and we aim to make the storytelling experience enjoyable for you.

We have worked with people of all ages and abilities and a growing number of people have trusted us to capture their stories.

We also work professionally with Local Authorities, Government Records Offices, Museums and other organisations on their story projects so you can have faith that our services are trusted by others.

We work to a series of ethics to ensure you and your stories are treated with the trust they deserve.

We appreciate the importance of preservation and to consider the future even beyond our own company lifetime - which is why we also work with government archives.

We encourage you to review examples of our work and judge it for yourself.  

See examples>>

Valerie Irwin - Artist


Offering a package to suit your needs

We can help you from start to finish in creating your stories.  Whether you just want some help to script, record and edit your own stories or if you want us to take on the whole process for you, we are here to help. 


Have a look at our range of 'Do-it-yourself' and 'Let us do the work' packages below:



We help guide you through the process of recording and editing your own story.  Our package of helpsheets, tools and other resources will support you with:


  • Choosing a topic

  • Scripting your story

  • Identifying support images to bring your story to life and

  • Recording and editing your story.

And we're on hand with on-going advice and support to guide you.

Ideal for anyone looking to learn a new skill.

Packages starting from just £19.00



We take care of the whole process of creating your story. 


We will arrange a convenient and relaxed chat to record your story (either at home or on-line).  We will help to source images and produce your finished story.

You will receive a presentation gift box with your story available as a USB, DVD and on-line link.

Packages starting from just £59.00

Also, ask us about:

  • Preserving your voice on Vinyl

  • Preserving your stories in the archive

  • Organising group or family story sessions

  • Creating a memorial bench memory

Writing Family History

Chronicle Digital Storytelling is a small UK based company that works with people and organisations to create digital stories.  Our clients include local government authorities, private sector clients and not-for-profits.  Chronicle Legacy is our service working with individuals to record their personal stories.  We can also help you research your family stories too and discover relevant photos and images.


About Us

Example Stories

Here are just a few samples from the many stories we have collected.  Please enjoy...

"Tempus Fugit" (Time Flies)

- Stanley Chambers aged 100 (Former WW2 Spitfire Pilot and our oldest storyteller so far).

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