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Helping you to celebrate, share and preserve your story

Once you have created your story you'll hopefully want to share it with others.  This may be just your family and friends or you may wish to share it further afield.  Either way Chronicle can store and control access to your story online so you can control who you show it to.  We will send you a simple weblink to your story that you can share via email.   


We appreciate that you will want some certainty that your story will last, even if Chronicle ceases to exist or if technologies evolve.  This is why we also offer the option of a CD ROM or USB so that you can keep a copy safely for yourself.  We can even arrange for your stories to be pressed to a vinyl record (audio only of course!) for the ultimate in preservation.  With the physical nature of vinyl, this guarantees your story will last for a very long time.  It also makes for the ultimate unique gift.

Several local authorities and other organisations trust Chronicle to capture and preserve stories. 


And if you are keen to leave a legacy for others to enjoy your stories, we can also offer opportunities to celebrate your stories more widely as part of our broader projects, screenings and exhibitions.  Win yourself a Chronicle Oscar!


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